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Film Resistor Element
Film Resistor Element
Meiwa provides low resistance metallic film elements with high thermal resistance or fusing resistor elements with high fusing function, backed up by superior plating technology. Both electrical and non-electrical plating are available.

In case of the same resistance value, the film thickness of our products has a tendency to be some more thin than that of our competitors. However there are no problems about film strength. Besides the chemistry is right between our film and a cutter knife. Therefore we can get a result of causing less damage against our film and the cutter knife.

Kind of film(All products are Pb-free)

  Cu-Ni, Ni-P, Ni-Cu-P, e.t.c. Pb-free


Appearance No abnormalities (flaw, peering, stain, pin hole, irregularity, blister, crack, etc.)
Film strength No film peering after the cutter test
Characteristics Meets electric performance of fuse resistor and carbon film resistor and metal oxide film resistor and metal film resistor

Range of resistance

1. Metal Film Plating Ceramic Products
Resistance(ohm) Resistance Tolerance(%) Temperature coefficient(ppm/℃) Film materials
< 0.01 ±15 ±300 Cu-Ni
0.01 to 10 ±15 ±300 Ni-P, Ni-Cu-P
0.03 to 10 ±15 ±200,±300 Ni-P, Ni-Cu-P
0.05 to 10 ±15 ±100,±200,±300 Ni-P, Ni-Cu-P
0.1 to 10 ±15 ±50,±100,±200,±300 Ni-P
0.3 to 10 ±15 ±10 Ni-P

2. Liner Passive Temperature Coefficient Resistors
Resistance(ohm) Resistance Tolerance(%) Temperature coefficient(ppm/℃)
0.01 to 3.0 ±15 4500 to 4700
0.1 to 5.0 ±15 4200 to 4300
0.5 to 8.0 ±15 3600 to 3900
1 to 20 ±15 2700 to 3300
5 to 50 ±15 1600 to 2600
5 to 100 ±15 100 to 1400

3.Metal Oxide Film Products
Resistance (ohm) 2 to 250
For your specific requirement for resistance, porcelain material and dimensions, please contact us.

Standard dimension and shape

Material Alumina Corundum-mullite
Product code number A-3 A-85 A-80 N-12 NK-3
Chemical analysis Al2O3
Outer Diameter(*Inner Diameter)*Length (mm)
1x3.1, 1.3x2.7, 1.7x5.2 or 5.5, 2 or 2.5x8, 3 or 3.5x10 or 11, 4 or 4.5x14, 7x23 or 51. However A-3 products are under 4.5mm about diameter.
The size of Liner possive temperature coefficient resistors should be below 1.7x5.2
Standard shape Column


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