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Environmental Management Systems
Certificate Number :JQA-EM3805

ISO14001 :2015 / JIS Q 14001 :2015

Registration Date: March 5, 2004
Last Renewal Date : September 5, 2018
Expiry Date : September 4, 2021

Scope of Registration:
The Design / Development and Manufacture of Ceramic Elements, Compound Soft Magnetic Elements and Metal Film Elements for Electronic Devices.


Associated Organization:
・Seto Plant / Laboratory
  965, Anada-cho, Seto-shi, Aichi, JAPAN
  [Scope of Activity: Same as Above] .

・Niigata Plant
  1200-1, Kyougasekougyoudanchi, Agano-shi, Niigata, JAPAN
  [Scope of Activity: The Manufacture of Ceramic Elements And Metal Film
   Elements for Electronic Devices].

Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy

It is a principle of our company that we should sincerely face up to the reality that the arrogance of the human race has tended to neglect the environment of the earth; that we should recognize the “Protection of the Global Environment” as the most important common issue facing the human race; that we should strive to rectify this in every aspect of our corporate activities; and that we should conduct our business activities with sincere consideration given to the environment of the earth.

This company was established in 1894 in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, where the production of china ware in Japan originated, and in 1952 converted itself into a manufacturer of Ceramic components for electronics use, on the basis of technology acquired through the production of Ceramic works, and in accordance with our management philosophy of “Creation and Challenge”.

We are committed to making efforts to achieve a harmonious co-existence between human society and the abundant nature of the earth by utilizing the basic characteristics of Ceramic materials acquired with the expertise of the company during the course of a long corporate history.

By participating in corporate-wide activities based on the ISO-14001-based Environment Management System established by our company, every member of our company will endeavor to assume responsibility for, and concentrate his or her wisdom and power on, the creation of an atmosphere in which environmental issues can be solved.

Action Guidelines
  1. We recognize and evaluate environmental impacts appropriately, actively promote our activities, and strive to reduce environmental protection and environmental impact.
  2. We will improve our environmental management system and make continuous efforts to improve and prevent pollution.
  3. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations / agreements with stakeholder.
  4. Regarding promotion of activities, se set environmental objectives and environmental targets, and we will review them on a regular basis.
  5. We will keep everyone fully aware of our environmental policy, and we will make every effort to promote and maintain such a policy.
  6. We will disclose our environmental policy whenever a requirement to do so arises.
Tomoki Tani, Chairman & CEO
Mar 1, 2020
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