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specifications Leaflet
Ceramic Tube, Isolation Tube, Protection Tube, Pipe for Fuse
Ceramic Tube, Isolation Tube, Protection Tube
Ceramic Tube, Bus Bar Protection Tube, Pipe for Fuse
■Used for bus bar protection tubes (insulating materials), fuses, and sensors.
■We can offer convex products, perforated convex products, and concave products.
■The products in the lower right of the left photo are pipes with a copper wire of diameter 0.1 mm passing through their inner diameters.
■We may be able to support specifications other than those listed below, so please feel free to contact us

Material Alumina (Aluminum Oxide), Mullite
Shape Tube, pipe
Dimension Outer Diameter = around 0.4 to 20mm
Inner Diameter = more than or equal to 0.10mm
Length (maximum) = around 300mm
It is possible to give plural through-holes.
Use Parts for chemical sensor, Isolation material, etc.


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