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Ceramic substrate ■We perform dimension measurement and rank classification using a high-pixel camera.
It can be expected to improve the yield such as improving the printing misalignment.Slit classification is also possible.
■Since the substrate surface is excellent in smoothness and there are few voids (holes on the substrate surface), it is also used in chip resistors for thin film applications.
■We can provide finishing with minimal burrs.
■We can handle the design, manufacturing, and repair of molds in-house.

Meiwa Plus

Main Applications of Alumina 96% Substrates by Phonon Meiwah
■General Thick Film Printed Circuit Boards
■Automotive Printed Circuit Boards
■Automotive Thin Film Resistor Printed Circuit Boards
■Sensor Printed Circuit Boards
■High-Voltage Resistor Substrates
■Power Module Printed Circuit Boards
■Hybrid IC Printed Circuit Boards

Standard Size(mm)

Standard Thickness(mm)

Material Alumina
(Aluminum Oxide) 
Product code number A-6  A-996
Chemical analysis Al2O3 96% Al2O3 99.6%
Color White
Apparent specific gravity [Kg/m3] 3.7x103 3.8 to 3.9x103
Water absorption [%] <0.01
Safety service temperature [℃] 1,400 1,200
Flexural strength [MPa] >400 600
Compressive strength [MPa] >1,070 N.A
Thermal expansion
20~ 500℃ 7.2x10-6 7 to 8x10-6
20~ 800℃ 7.8x10-6
20~1000℃ 8.1x10-6 N.A
Thermal conductivity [W/(m・K)] 24 27 to 30
Dielectric strength [kV/mm] 10
Volume resistivity [ohm-cm] 25℃ >1014
300℃ >1011
500℃ >108
Dielectric constant (1MHz) 9.3 10.2
Dielectric loss (1MHz) 0.0001 0.0002

General Quality Characteristics (Dimension Tolerance)
Products Pressing Laser processing
Dimensions (max. inches) 4.5x7.0 4.0x7.0
Dimension Tolerance ±0.60%
Plate thickness(㎜) 0.1 to 1.0
Plate thickness tolerance ±10%
Camber tolerance >0.06/25.4mm
At plate thickness 0.28mm below
Through hole(㎜) >Ø0.3
Through hole tolerance ±0.60%
Right angle (㎜) ±0.3 ±0.2
Surface roughness Ra(μm) <0.5

Standard diemnsion and shape
TYPE Dimension Unit size Unit q'ty
mm inch
0402 01005 60x49.5x0.1t
- -
0603 0201 60x49.5x0.2t
- -
1005 0402 60x49.5x0.28t
0.95x0.48 5,520
1608 0603 60x49.5x0.4t
1.50x0.80 2,166
2012 0805 60x49.5x0.47t 1.95x1.20 1,102
3216 1206 60x49.5x0.5t 3.00x1.50 558
3225 1210 60x49.5x0.5t 3.00x2.50 324
5025 2010 60x49.5x0.5t 5.00x2.50 198
6332 2512 60x49.5x0.5t 6.30x3.10 126
1608-2凹 0603-2凹 60x49.5x0.5t 1.60x1.60 896
1608-4凸 0603-4凸 60x49.5x0.5t 3.20x1.50 429
1608-4凹 0603-4凹 60x49.5x0.5t 3.20x1.60 448

Alumina 96% substrate reflection ratio (Daylight reflection ratio) Unit : %
Wavelength Thickness
0.28mm 0.50mm 0.97mm
All wavelength 300~2,500nm 75.8 83.9 90.3
Near ultraviolet-visible rays area 300~780nm 77.5 84.9 91.3
Near ultraviolet rays area 780~2,500nm 73.5 82.7 89.0
Measurement standard : JIS K 5602
The above-mentioned value is typical data, not guaranteed data.



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