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Phonon Meiwa Inc.

Jan.1894 Established Fujii Manufacturing company. at Miyawaki-cho, Seto-city, Aichi-Pref.
July.1952 Reorganized to Meiwa Industries Co., Ltd.
(Capital:500 thousand).
Mar.1960 Constructed Kasugai Plant under the invitation of Kasugai City.
Mar.1962 Merged affiliated company, Shinwa Tsushinki Co., Ltd. renamed it as Nagoya Plant, Meiwa Industries Co., Ltd. and succeeded business operation from Shinwa Tsushinki Co.,Ltd.
Jan.1963 Expanded Kasugai Plant to succeed business from Nagoya Plant and closed the operation of the latter.
Dec.1967 Increased the capital to 21 million.
Jan.1979 Constructed the head office and Seto Plant at Anada-cho, Seto-City, Aichi-Pref. and moved operation thereto.
Jan.1984 Constructed Seto 2nd. Plant in the enterprise complex at Anada-cho, Seto-Ctiy, Aichi-Pref.
Mar.1989 Established two divisions organization with CR and FC Div.
Apr.1997 Scheduled to merge with Phonon Meiwa Inc. under the name of Phonon Meiwa Inc. organized by three divisions of CR, FC and CD Div.
(Capital: 146 million)
Feb.2000 Increased the capital to 306 million.
Dec.2001 Obtainment of Certificate of ISO9001.
Mar.2004 Obtainment of Certificate of ISO14001.
Jan.2008 Head office and Seto-Plant were moved and integrated into Seto 2nd Plant.
Apr.2013 Phonon Meiwa Inc. merge a wholly owned subsidiary company, Tohoku Meiwa Co., Ltd.
The surviving company is Phonon Meiwa Inc.
Nov.2017 We have built second factory at our Niigata plant.

Affiliated company

Jan.1993 Established Vietnam Meiwa Co., Ltd. at Bien Hoa Industrial Zone II, Dong Nai Province, VIETNAM.
(Capital: US$10.149 million)
Sep.1995 Meiwa Industries Co., Ltd. made capital participation to Yuden Kenkyusho Inc.
Sep.1996 Changed the company name of Yuden Kenkyusho Inc. to Phonon Meiwa Inc.
Mar.1998 Established Taiwan Phonon Meiwa Inc. as a sales company in Taiwan R.O.C.
(Capital: NT$$23 million)
Apr.2006 Constructed Vietnam Meiwa Amata factory at AMATA Indusrial Park in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam.
Feb.2015 Our general affairs department and factory in AMATA Industrial Park has relocated to our headquater and newly built factories(the 3rd and 4th factory) in Bien Hoa Industrial park 2.
Dec.2019 We have built 5th factory in Vietnam.
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