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Metallized ceramic pipes
Metallized ceramic pipes
These are products that are made by Alumina that is non-organic and firm, has chemical stability and superior electrical insulation properties.
We form our products in cylindrical (circular or square) with our unique skills, and give electrode(Mo-Mn or Ag/Pd) on them.

Aluminum Oxide 96%

Material Alumina
(Aluminum Oxide)
Product code number A-6
Chemical analysis Al2O3 96%
Color White
Apparent specific gravity [Kg/m3] 3.7x103
Water absorption [%] <0.01
Safety service temperature [℃] 1,400
Flexural strength [MPa] >320
Compressive strength [MPa] >1,070
Thermal expansion
20~ 500℃ 7.2x10-6
20~ 800℃ 7.8x10-6
20~1000℃ 8.1x10-6
Thermal conductivity [W/(m・K)] 20
Dielectric strength [kV/mm] 10
Volume resistivity [ohm-cm] 25℃ >1014
300℃ >1011
500℃ >108
Dielectric constant (1MHz) 9.3
Loss factor (1MHz) 0.0001

Electrode material
Ag-Pd, or Mo/Mn

Plating material
Sn, or Au. Concerning the film thickness of plating, your requirement is considered.

Shape Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness Length
Circular pipe Within 10mm Within 9mm Over 0.5mm Within 10mm
Squared pipe Within 10mm square Within 10mm square Over 0.5mm Within 10mm
Typical size
(Circular pipe)
6.0mm 5.0mm 0.5mm 4.0mm
Typical size
(Squared pipe)
4.5mm 3.0mm 0.5mm 4.0mm

Typical use
・Sensor(For atmosphere, etc.)
・Switching Spark Gap(For automobile lights, etc.)


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